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Isern Sliding door Kit

Utility model nº 202130325 

CYCLE TEST (100.000) Nº: 21/323037147

Our Isern sliding door system is the most economical, easy to install and durable method you can find on the market.

You could save on expensive guides and bearings needed for traditional sliding doors; on wall, between partitions and sliding doors on ceilings.

With our sliding door kit you will only have to choose the door that you like the most and in ten minutes of easy installation you will have your sliding door assembled.

Use in any sliding door system (on walls, between walls, on roofs, sloping doors…).

Suitable for any type of wall; plaster, wood, empty work, brick, with or without plackets.

Innovative impact of the universal sliding door kit

Product of extreme simplicity, which greatly improves all the pre-existing alternatives because of:

Ease of assembly: unlike existing systems on the market, our innovative system requires only 2 small pieces to be screwed (4 screws). Only one operator is required (system with gallery 2).

Practically no visibility of the system: once installed, all the mechanisms are hidden, giving full visibility to the door and its finishes.

Multiple adaptations and applications: it can be used for any sliding door system (on walls, between walls, door on ceilings, parallel doors, closet doors, sloping doors in dormers or doors under stairs, windows, gates,
interior and exterior doors.

Stability: Due to the guide and the ground wheels, the door does not move in the case of air currents, forexample, as happens in case of hanging door systems.

Environmental impact of the universal sliding kit

This system requires much less material:

80% savings on aluminum: our guide weighs 150grams.

100% wood savings: Necessary to attach the wall guide to other systems.

100% savings on jambs and trims (mdf, melanin, hpl…) needed to cover guides and bearings in traditional systems.

The wall and floor guides weigh less than 30 grams between both and are made of flat filament, a biodegradable and recyclable material made from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane and cornstarch.

Economic impact of the
universal sliding kit

Economic impact

Due to the great saving of materials and the ease of distribution and transport (due to the size of the kit), we calculate the savings for the end customer of the sliding door at 30% for wall doors and 50% for wall doors.

Social impact of the universal sliding kit

Social impact

Due to the quick installation (about 10 minutes) and the simplicity (only screwing 4 screws), the system minimizes or eliminates the inconvenience (noise, dust, space…) caused by traditional systems.

Explanatory video of the installation of the Isern sliding door

Universal kit for sliding door

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